AND when you’re riding
around in your cadium car
baby you don’t want
to look at me
— I made a wish upon a star
you took it down
with your burning stare
Why is it you don’t care?
When all you do is
beg for more of me?
when you don’t care
We drive along the ridge
of Misspent Youth
And all the while
you blow your bubble gum
— into the air – you don’t care
red high heels and fashion stare
And you’re wishing upon a star
looking for a time machine
to bring back your days of youth
don’t you care…don’t you care???

What’cha do what’cha do what’cha do
Please tell me what to do…
Please tell me what to do…
Tel me what to do!!!
Cadium car…
Cadium car…
wish upon a star


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